Heavily pregnant mum’s hell in council flat with ‘dead mice and broken oven’

A heavily pregnant mum-of-three claims she’s been left in a flat with ‘mice, mould and a broken oven’.

The veracious rodents have chomped through school uniforms and an unborn baby’s clothes, Hayley Wills has said.

They have also left droppings on the sofa.

The 29-year-old, whose boys are ten, seven and two, found and photographed two dead mice behind her washing machine amid the problems at her Yardley flat.

Other issues with the home have made living there particularly difficult for Hayley.

Her cooker has also been broken for over a week, meaning the mum has to walk to her brother’s home half an hour away with food to cook for her kids.

The family moved into the two-bed flat as temporary accommodation in November 2018 and it then took them two years to get on Birmingham city council’s bidding list, Hayley says.

She’s now bidding on properties weekly in the hope of escaping the ‘hellish’ temporary flat – which is one bed less than she’s now eligible for.

“The problems were already here before I moved in,” she said four weeks ahead of her unborn baby’s arrival.

“When I got there they told me the property had just been fumigated from rats and mice, we didn’t notice anything at first.

“The mice are everywhere (now). I washed all the baby clothes, but I’m having to store things at my neighbours because the mice are destroying everything, they’re chewing through my children’s uniforms.

“My unborn baby’s cot is stored underneath my bed, they’ve chewed through the box. I could clean my living room, leave for the night, I’d go back in and take the cushions off and there’s mice poo under my cushions and my sofa.

“My youngest son, he picks up everything, he’s a toddler he puts everything in his mouth.

“I heard squeaking and when I looked, there were three dead mice stuck behind the washing machine.

I’ve had to pull it out and where they’d been dead for a few days they had got maggots in.

“I shouldn’t be here in three years, I should have had the support and the help that I needed. They’ve just put me in here and left me in here.”

Hayley is constantly cleaning to get rid of traces of the mice, she says, which leaves the house looking ‘clinical’.

“They went to my mum’s in the six week holiday and when they came back they cried their eyes out because they just don’t want to be in this place no more – and I understand,” she continued.

“I wake up every morning and I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t want to get up and do nothing because there’s nothing I can do that will better this place.

“It’s affecting not only me, but my children, mentally, physically and medically.”

Hayley says she is waiting for the council to fix the cooker which has been broken for more than a week.

She added: “I’ve had to use my neighbour’s cooker or my brother’s cooker, I have to take food from my house, go and cook for my kids while they’re at school and handle things before they get back so I can keep them in a routine.

“They either eat at my brothers or I cook it and bring it back and I have to heat it up in the microwave when they come home.”

A Birmingham City Council spokesman said: “We are very sorry for the distress that the mice at this property have caused the tenant. The property has now been inspected by a pest control officer and a treatment programme to control the current mouse infestation has begun.

“Regular bait monitoring will take place over the coming weeks until the current rodent issue has been eliminated.

“A programme of works has also been agreed with the tenant to repair or replace those items in the property which are defective or broken including the cooker.

“The only mould which the inspection found was behind the toilet which was minor and has been treated.”